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Ok we know that usually when in wintertime our bodies naturally focus more on survival than on aesthetics in the main. We also know that we tend by default often to change our eating habits in winter or soon before but then we get to that bit where we have to actually adjust the settings on our indoor refrigerators because the cold has passed and the weather is actually warming up and we need to make sure that our food is at lesser risk of contamination, yes we even put some food such as dairy produce etc in parts of the refrigerator where it might be cooler (depending on what type of refrigeration you have). Similarly our bodies in some cases can for a variety of reasons want to find ways of lessening the risk of gaining even more weight when it is not necessary required. Factors such as health issues or depression and not actually alerting your mind in some cases can possibly too play even a far greater and are potentially kind of quite complex.


Your natural body clock is one thing but our habits are sometimes seasonal and inherent as in that we have developed a way of telling our bodies that some things such as eating more or different things at such times as required is a basic and integral survival instinct.


To imply that at night time when weather may be cooler in some places that somehow we maybe burn off more calories or use less i think is potentially contentious and could depend on your weight, activity and the type of food you eat. Some say that the best meal of the day is breakfast, i met a chef recently who worked at a kebab shop but trained in a french restaurant who did actually suggest that this is a consideration. Certainly if you examine the french dietary structure they seem to eat more sweeter food at breakfast time than for example brits and If you look at twins where one is larger than the other you may find that the slimmer of the two eats a greater density of fibrous foods.

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It's not about throwing a spanner in the works, but it might be about cranking up your strategy a little?