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This book, involves intrigue and poor (adult) behaviour, funnier moments and some foul moments too. As the story and the intrigue unfolds, for some, there could only be a disbelief, that it could happen and especially in the lovely town of Matlin? The various characters ‘embroiled’ in each-others circumstances, trying to get along, or certainly intending to give that impression? Often dealing with vulnerable situations as well. Was there a short supply of compassion, or would they create situations whereby those needs could possibly be ignored.


At times regarding the characters, sometimes amusing and also depressing, interestingly they seem to get through it all. It should evoke feelings of excitement and of possibilities? And an incite positively into intrigue the likes of which they might not have become accustomed to so far. A discerning reader may also find legal ways through this book, and be encouraged to further personal and professional advancement.


By way of content, helpful. Meaningful and hopefully for some, a realisation that results do not always happen as quickly, or even how you might expect or choose? Opportunities are there, but although it is not always actually nicely presented, a wiser opportunity usually has to be realised, before it can be appreciated.  

Click on photo to see book. 'Nom Penny', by P Fontanouie. Available on Amazon.

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