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Great recipe, tips and suggestion.

Now , you may be the type who likes a little nibble after a mal too and or who likes a dessert, maybe you cannot get out so easily but honestly this is where the soya milk and bran flakes can apply, or a piece of delicious sunflower bread.


Please though and although this recipe is totally delicious hot and even if you decide to reheat with some pasta in it, ok the broccolli sort of breaks up into even smaller pieces but the different textures of the various foodstuffs are still there.


It is totally superb hot and with pasta added to al-dente' cooked degree. Which is not overcooked. The hot of the dish against the pasta is truly a welcome feast with the othere elements of it.


I added some parmesan to the dish the day before and had it cold and i found it to be on a scale of 8/10 in nice, it might have been much better on hot but. maybe you like to try it and see how you

like it for yourself. I preferred it hot with aldente' cooked pasta. The parsnip brings a real sweet to it. Delicious!

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And of that delicious sunflower bread?