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Switch from dairy?

Maybe you have tried many things but still don't think that you feel as you should or maybe you have been advised to cut down on dairy products or maybe you are considering it or at least to see what might happen or if you may feel better by attemping it?


So, you tried it before? We hope this may help 'particularly if' you are already using skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, if you have not yet attempted to make a transition but want to and are using full fat milk, it may require a few attempts. Slowly but surely. And we know it does not mean hat we dislike glorious cows.


Soya milk or regular milk? I have found that whilst in some places soya milk can be more expensive per 4 pints, if you look around in some places and not always in the milk aisle or the refridgerated areas in some stores that a less expensive brand can be found, sometimes near powder milks or even near teas and coffees. It's a bit like advertising a red car on a market site, do you advertise it as a red car or in automobiles. Sure it may be an odd question for some. I have found that soya milk can be great on cereals but some brands definitely not so nice in tea and coffee, it can look like separated milk and bitty too and make even coffee taste powdery but somehow stronger too. If you usually purchase a 4 pinter or bigger, with soya milk you will probably drink less of it anyway but as I said, on unsweetened cereals it's nice. You can make the switch gradually and then eventually get one pint of milk to use in your teas and coffees. Try switching to a strong tea if an instant coffee drinker for a while too. Assam tea can be strong and cardamom tea a nice change but i know there are other great blends too and not always the so expensive ones. If you are going to by default cut down with a switch to soya milk, make sure you totally enjoy it.


I have tried the very least expensive instant coffee also with soya milk, the taste is unusual but it draws out the raw coffee flavour?  


You can and so much may really enjoy it! There may be other thoughtful ways to support farmers in future and it's not like it's set in stone across the board.

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