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Nice hearty warmer.



One thing about this after cooking it was that i thought how nice it would be to have also a light crunch of celery in it, so if you have some celery in your fridge you might like to try chopping it and adding it too or even soaking some in lemon juice overnight but only add the celery. You can add the celery flavored lemon juice to a tea or orange juice to drink. You won't notice the taste of the celery at all in the dish but it could make a deliciously great impression on you generally.













So, mushrooms added and any some remaining garlic powder (If it has slightly discoloured it may be time to replace it as it could have lost its potency).

Stir in the frozen vegetables. There were swede and carrot and maybe even turnip in the frozen vegetables i used. The swede or turnip tasted like pineapple slightly whch gave me other ideas. It could also suit if not wanting to use frozen vegetable pieces. Also i found that the bits of carrot seemes to clash a bit as an unexpected entity with the grated carrot too but you could always pick out the sliced carrot from the frozen vegetables before adding and keep them for another time) .

Add seasoning to suit but only absolute minimal if you do please.

I had planned to have this with dried spaghetti.

First meal, maybe you and a friend try some on a toasted wholemeal pitta.

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