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Great recipe, tips and suggestion.

Put some water into a large saucepan, you can always top it up if  you haven't put enough in later. Make sure the saucepan is large enough if you can.

Chop or cut the onion as best as possible, add to the water.

Clean and chop the parsnips into slices and add.

Chop the potatoes into half then halve them again longways and then cut into very smaill slices and add.

Add the stock cube and half of stock cube crumbled and the mixed herbs.

Clean the broccoli up if it needs it, muy broccoli was past its sell by date and had yellowed on top a bit, it had been kept in fridge in plastic and was not smelly, i deliberately wanted to use the broccoli like this because i wanted to experiment with the bitterness of the broccoli against other ingredients. It would not make a difference so please use fresh when you find it. i love broccoli anyway as you will see. If the broccoli has gone over slightly make sure you clean it up very well and wash very very thoroughly under a cold water tap to remove ANY loose bits.Then add to the mix, most importantly add the whole stems too.

Add the garlic powder

Add the dried chillies

When boiled and when the parsnips and the broccoli stems/stalks have softened enough to prod safely with fork add the frozen peas

Then add the lemon juice

Then add the valencian orange extract

Add a tiny amount of salt and a decent amount of ground black pepper, leave to simmer for maybe 7-10 minutes and turn heat off and allow to settle/rest

There will be more than enough to keep safely

overnight but my advice would be to add the vegetable oil when reheating the next day (only a drip or two).

















Bran flakes with soya milk

some nice bread of your choosing

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As you can see, this recipe although i adore parsnips was also about the broccoli?


And it doesn't end there!


Youcan eat it like this hot or cold. Cold it could be so nice with a hardboiled egg chopped in half or some plainer than plain pasta shells with absolutely nothing on them at all as a side dish to have with as and when. Or a slice of sunflower seed bread |(again plain / with nothing on)


Or you could add some pineapple but not too much and some crushed walnut halves too but again, not many.

If wanting to add the lemon zest i'd add it with the dried chillies but not a lot.