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There will always be those who are unhappy and who are uncertain and unsure. Some may have friends, some may not. Some may be secret eaters and some trying to lose weight secretly. Whatever or whichever, we cannot on this site provide a mean to chat with other likeminded whatever your situation.

Please feel free to look at the members pages and the non members comment area on this site. Neither or none of our sites forum or members pages possibly may not offer the answers to every question, this site is new. This does mean that whatever your circumstances you can post on a forum or join free and in confidence and anonymously the sites chatpage. It is possible you may be the only person on it but you might not too?

And maybe you have been through a real hard time too, you may be able to help each other in such a wonderful way and encourage each other to achieve where you move from that particular and sometimes very unique but maybe not so rigid permanent stepping stone, to the next. Whatever and even for you possibly irrespective of how important that step and doing it right may presently seem.

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